A Day With Mary was first celebrated in Arundel Cathedral on 25 October 1986. There followed four further DWMs in 1987, eleven in 1988 including Westminster Cathedral where Cardinal George Basil Hume himself gave the Eucharistic Benediction. By 1993 the annual average number of DWMs in shrines, cathedrals and churches stabilised at 47 and this has continued until the present day.



Who owns A Day With Mary?

A Day With Mary is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (Registered Charity No. 1154888) based in London. It has trustees but does not have shareholders nor owners nor paid personnel. Everyone offers his/her time and work freely to the Immaculate out of love for Her. The DWM has organised pilgrimages to the Holy Land, Fatima in Portugal, and Italy.


A Day With Mary website www.adaywithmary.org provides information on all the activities of the Apostolate including over 1200 videos of sermons, Blessed Sacrament Processions, Processions of Statue of Our Lady, pilgrimages, etc.



How is A Day With Mary financed?

A Day With Mary is supported entirely by a collection at each public Day With Mary, donations and legacies from benefactors, any surplus income from proceeds from the sale of books and devotional articles, pilgrimages, etc.

Does A Day With Mary charge for its services?

Attending A Day With Mary day of prayer is free. It is a day of public prayer open to everyone to participate in the whole day or any part of it.

What are some of the ongoing financial needs of A Day With Mary?

Funds are needed to cover the operational costs, promotional materials and services offered by the charity to promote A Day With Mary. These include:

● Servicing and maintenance of the large DWM Van (this carries all that is needed to run the day of prayer), insurance, MOT, Road Tax.

● Purchase, maintain and renew as necessary broadcasting-quality equipment: camcorders, cameras, specialist lighting, microphones and other audio equipment, video-editing and related professional devices.

● DWM Website, Facebook DWM-video promotion.
● Purchase books for Bookstall & Repository.
● Purchase and maintain equipment necessary to prepare and serve refreshments at DWMs.
● Purchase fresh flowers for the Statue of Our Lady of Fatima each Saturday.
● Promotion and advertising of each venue and Pilgrimages.
● Donations to Priests.
● Purchase of annual Civil Aviation licence (Atol) for pilgrimages.
● Annual Payment to Accountants and for other professional services.
● Insurance of all contents of DWM Van and all equipment.
● Public Liability Insurance.
● Candles, Cassocks etc.
● Purchase and maintenance of Computers, Printers, Photocopier, Postage, Stationery.
● Coach Hire, etc.
● Some of these costs are ongoing even during the Coronavirus lockdown.
● No remuneration of any kind is taken by the members of the organising team, they offer their work and time free in this apostolate.

Donations to A Day With Mary in the UK

A Day With Mary is funded by donations. As A Day With Mary continues to expand and diversify, so too do its related costs. Your donation is of vital importance for you to personally work with Our Blessed Mother, to enable this Apostolate to continue making Our Lady known and loved as She asked at Fatima and to offer everyone the opportunity of a life of consecration to Her.  Your donation is your personal gift to Her, for love of Her through this apostolate.

Donations can be made here:

  •  See the Donate section of this page: one-time or monthly.
  • By post to A Day With Mary, PO Box 432, Sutton SM1 9LF (cheque payable to A Day With Mary).
  • By setting up a Standing Order to donate to A Day With Mary on a monthly basis. If you are a taxpayer you can request Gift Aid form. Standing Order is a recommended way to support A Day With Mary as it ensures a regular source of income to help the Apostolate plan activities
  • A Day With Mary Facebook for recently uploaded videos and click on Donate button
  • At any DWM public venue during the year



Address: A Day With Mary, P O Box 432, Sutton SM1 9LF.

E-mail: adwmary.uk@gmail.com

Tel: 020 8641 6418